Childrens Ministries at DLCFC
Our young people are a valuable part of our community, and we seek them to grow spiritually, relationally and emotionally; whether infants,  teenagers, or anywhere in between. 

At DLCFC we create a family environment, where young and old alike can learn from and with each other, as well as serve and worship with one another as the diverse family of God.

We also have certain times in which our ministry is specifically child-centered.  We facilitate learning through age-appropriate activities, music and great teachers, to ensure that children thrive in a safe and loving environment.

Don't be surprised to see our young people reaching out, helping to lead worship, or sharing testimonies of God's work in them!  We encourage them to live out their faith and inspire all of us.

Sunday Mornings:
We have a "Toddler Church" for toddlers and preschoolers that meets halfway though the all-age worship time on Sundays.  This ministry allows children to engage in worship through song, story, activity and prayer.  It is designed to help our young ones love God, learn about Him, and learn how much He loves them!

McDonalds Mondays:
This is a great opportunities for kids from Pre-K through Elementary grades to connect, play and interract with each other and caring adults, before settling down to a Bible based short movie with a discussion and some tasty McDonalds.  Offered every other Monday at 5:30.

This group provides Middle Schoolers a chance to learn and interract (and burn off some energy) at their level.  This group encourages great questions from kids and seeks to kindle a growing interest and enthusiasm for discovering more about the Bible.  Friendships are formed between young people, and a great team of adult leaders.  Food provided.  Offered every other Wednesday at 5:30 at the church building, and Summer gatherings monthly at Pastor Cara's house.

All are welcome!

Our ministries are open to the general community as well as those within the church.  We encourage you to help us to invest in children, showing and teaching them the love of Christ.

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