Pastors Dan and Cara Burnham 
began serving at Dewart Lake Community Friends Church on September 2nd 2014. They co-pastor our church, as well as co-parent their son and daughter. They both have a love for multi-generational faith formation, and seeing the rich diversity of the family of God.

Dan is from Colorado, born and raised.  He studied theology at Moody Bible Institute, before joining the Air Force. After serving for 6 years, he felt the call to serve the local church while completing his Master of Divinity in Denver, CO. He has pastored suburban, and inner-city churches, before being called to Indiana to pastor at a Friends Church.  Dan is a teaching pastor with a love for theology and seeing people understand its relevance to everyday life.  When not in the church, he is found cooking bread, running, and tending to pepper plants which he enjoys growing.  Spicy ones!

Cara was called to pastoral ministry after a corporate career in Business Development. She has served in a variety of pastoral roles within the local church; preaching, teaching and mentoring children through seniors. She was then asked to head up a residential Christian program for women coming out of crisis and homelessness in Colorado, bringing pastoral ministry into 24/7 residential setting. She graduated with her Master of Divinity from Wesley Seminary (IWU) and is passionate about individual, familial and corporate spiritual formation.  Cara loves to sew, and in her free time is usually sewing, planning to sew, or thinking about sewing.

Message from the Pastors
Our Lord is an amazing God, and we believe not only is he capable of doing great things, but we should expect them; Whether it is seeing someone discover salvation, taste His grace, find healing in His care, or learn how God has uniquely gifted them to enrich His people. We are looking forward to seeing what God has planned for all of us as a church as we journey together.

Blessings, Dan and Cara Burnham



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